Valdimontone wins Prima Prova

Tonight the Prima prova of the Palio of July 2, 2022 was held at 7.45 pm. After the horses were distributed at 2 pm this afternoon, the captains took action to find the right fantino that suits the strategy they want to use this Palio.

The prova was first preceded by the performance on the tufo of the horse marching band of the State Police, who performed the national anthem also sung by the general public present in Piazza del Campo.

The horses were called between the ropes as follows: Valdimontone, Istrice, Leocorno, Lupa, Drago, Bruco, Chiocciola, Civetta, Pantera and Torre as rincorsa.

At the request of debutant Mossiere, Renato Bircolotti (and newly appointed deputy Mossiere Fabio Magni), the horses arrived in the prescribed order. However, there was a lot of nervousness between the ropes, which quickly resulted in a false start. The horses could walk around in this way to relieve some stress.

A second alignment followed, with even more excitement between the ropes. The mossiere let everyone go outside to realign a third time. Soon Torre enters. Pantera, Valdimontone and Drago are off to a great start. Pantera turns first in San Martino and then decides to slow the horse. At the first pass at the start, Montone takes over command. Then Lupa puts on for a while, but soon this one also slows down. Drago takes over, then Valdimontone. A photo finish gives Valdimontone the win with Antonio Mula over Vitzichesu.

1 Antonio Mula Valdimontone
2 Carlo Sanna detto Brigante Istrice
3 Andrea Coghe detto Tempesta Leocorno
4 Enrico Bruschelli detto Bellocchio Lupa
5 Giovanni Atzeni detto Tittia Drago
6 Stefano Piras detto Scangeo Bruco
7 Giuseppe Zedde detto Gingillo Chiocciola
8 Valter Pusceddu detto Bighino Civetta
9 Elias Mannucci detto Turbine Pantera
R Jonatan Bartoletti detto Scompiglio Torre

Images (also in English) and below the complete footage, inclusive the performance of the horse marching band of the State Police