Colors Orange and green with white band
Symbol Rhino (forest)
Flag Selva
Terzo Terzo di Città
Headquarters Piazzetta della Selva 4
Museum Piazzetta della Selva 3
Clubhouse Società “Il Rhinoceronte”, Via Vallepiatta
Contradaioli Selvaioli
Oratory Chiesa di San Sebastiano in Vallepiatta
Paitron Saint Assunzione della B.ta Vergine (16 august)
Enemie(s) None
Allierd Contrade Chiocciola (dal 1792)
Drago (dal 1824 al 1979)
Pantera (dal 1780 al 1789)
Tartuca (dal 1788)
Torre (dal 1790 al 1960)
Victories 39 officially recognized



The Bando di Violante di Baviera from 1730 determined the division of the city of Siena into 17 Contrade. People referred to buildings and their owners instead of the streets (as they do now). The document is still seen today as the basis on which the actual boundaries of the districts were determined.

Today, the following streets are part of the area’s territory:

  • via Franciosa
  • vicolo delle Carrozze
  • via di Vallepiatta
  • vicolo di Vallepiatta
  • via del Costone
  • via di Fontebranda (part)
  • via dei Pellegrini
  • via di Città (deel)
  • via delle Campane (part)
  • via delle Terme (part)
  • piazza dell’Indipendenza (part)
  • via di Diacceto (deel)
  • via di Beccheria
  • via di Monna Agnese (part)
  • via dei Fusari
  • Costarella dei Barbieri (part)
  • piazza San Giovanni
  • piazza del Duomo (part)
  • piazzetta di bocco
  • piazzetta della Selva
  • vicolo di Vallepiatta
  • vicolo del Pozzo
  • vicolo di San Girolamo
  • Chiasso del Bargello (part)
  • Ex macelli


The former territory of the extinct Contrada dell’Orso is also included in the Selva area.

The Contrada dell’Orso contained the following streets in Siena:  piazza Tolomei, Banchi di Sopra until Arco dei Rossi, via dei Termini, piazza dell’Indipendenza, via delle Terme, via di Città, Banchi di Sopra until Piazza Tolomei. The streets of the neighborhood were divided among Civetta, Oca and Selva.


In addition, the territory of the extinct district of Contrada del Gallo is also included in the territory of Selva. The Contrada contained the following streets in Siena: Costarella dei Barbieri, via di Fontebranda (until via di Città), piazza dell’Indipendenza , via di Diacceto, via dei Pellegrini, via di Città tot Chiasso del Bargello. The streets of the neighborhood were divided among Civetta, Oca and Selva.


Selva was then the area of the hunters (cacciatori). You can still find this in the coat of arms. Also in the Corteo Storico Selva runs with bows and other hunting material.

Important locations and Festa Titolare

Selva 1The Oratory of Selva, the Chiesa di San Sebastiano in Vallepiatta is located on the Piazzetta della Selva and is today owned by the Selva district. In 1492, the weavers who lived in the Selva district wanted to build a church in honor of their patron saint San Sebastiano. Construction began in 1493 under the supervision of Girolamo Ponsi. Between 1786 and 1810 it was used by Pantera. It was not until 1818 that she was commissioned by Selva. This is still the case today.

The baptismal fountain is located in Piazza della Selva and was designed in 1965 by Vinicio Guastatori.

The Festa Titolare in honor of patron saint Assunzione della B.ta Vergine is celebrated on the third Sunday of August.

Selva and the Palio

Selva has 39 officially recognized victories. The last one was on August 16, 2019, with Giovanni Atzeni (Tittia) on Remorex.

To date, Selva has never won a Cappotto.

After a particularly painful 19th century with only 6 victories, Selva seemed to suffer the same fate in the 20th century. They won in 1901, 1904 and 1919. After that they had to wait 34 years (and a world war) for a new victory. In 1953 Selva was again at the party. Since then, Selva has won no less than 17 Palios (up to and including 2019). No other neighborhood, even Oca, did better.

You can find all the drappelloni won here. The Numeri Unici are also online.


On August 16, 1919, Selva was involved in a very bloody Palio that degenerated into a stabbing of Aldo Mantovani detto Bubbolo by a contradaiolo of Selva, the neighborhood where he had ridden for the Palio.

The prologue of this crime took place during the Palio of July of the same year. This was won by Leocorno with Cispa on Giacca. If a small neighborhood won at that time, the money they paid to the other neighborhoods wasn’t really big. Bubbolo, the fantino of Selva gave the money to the stable man of Selva. However, the Selvaioli thought this was a very small amount and suspected the fantino of having kept money for themselves and distrusted him.

Selva 3

At the Palio in August, Selva and Tartuca got the best horses and both became favorites. The Selva captain wanted to engage Bubbolo again to ride. After the disagreement with the stable man, he chose to accept Tartuca’s offer. With this he provoked the selvaioli that overflowed with anger.

After the first prova that was driven by an unknown young fantino, Selva chose Nappa. However, this was quickly replaced because he was immediately suspected of having accepted money from Tartuca not to win. At the provaccia, Selva installed the young Randellone as a fantino. He was instructed to make Bubbolo life miserable.

Both fantini got off their horse during the provaccia and started to fight. Soon other selvaioli and tartucini came to the rescue, resulting in a huge fight. In order to calm the minds, both fantini were excluded from the Palio. Selva, who had succeeded in their design and had driven Bubbolo away, chose Moro. Tartuca Picino.

The news of the exclusion got Bubbolo bad. Shortly before the start of the Corteo Storico he went to Selva with some family members. This quickly degenerated into a fight in which Selva Stalman stabbed Bubbolo with a knife. This was taken to the hospital.

A few hours later Selva won the Palio, ahead of Tartuca. Back in the district with the drappellone, the stalman was arrested and thrown into prison. Selva seemed cursed because for no less than 34 years they no longer won!

Contrada without enemies

At present, Selva has no enemies. In the past, however, there was a rivalry with Pantera.

Palio of 4 October 1745: Selva’s mare, who was in the lead, was stopped on the track by a panterino who wanted to favor his neighborhood. This also succeeded and Pantera won. The panterino was arrested. The relationship between the neighborhoods turned out to be strange, but where unchanged. In 1786 tensions arose again between the neighborhoods. The Chiesa dei Tessitori, which had been the seat of Selva since 1778, was in Pantera territory. In July 1786, Pantera had to leave his Cappella di San Giovanni, where the seat was located to build a new cemetery. The city council decided that Pantera should move into the Chiesa dei Tessitori. Selva was forced to leave his headquarters and had to move to the Chiesa di San Desiderio.

Selva 2

The rivalry was born. In 1813 Pantera voluntarily left the Chiesa dei Tessitori and went to San Quirico. The Chiesa dei Tessitori, however, did not return to Selva. She was evacuated and Pantera turned it into a warehouse.

In the following years the enmity lived enormously on the Piazza del Campo during the Palio. The rivalry also raged alongside the Piazza. In 1867, after a race, heavy fighting took place on the “Fosso di Sant’Ansano”. Four years later, Antonio Mancianti, a shoemaker from Selva, was murdered by a certain Bifino, panterino. Less than three years later, that Bifino was found dead.

After these tragic events, it was time for peace. The rivalry gradually faded. The very old contradaioli sometimes tell stories about it so it is not forgotten.



1 09/09/1685 Pavolino ?
2 02/07/1698 Pelliccino Barbarino di Torrenieri
Total victories in de 17th century : 2
3 02/07/1707 Cappellaro Bufalino
4 16/08/1711 Pelliccino stornello
5 02/07/1715 Cappellaro Bolso
6 02/07/1730 Pettinaio Rosino
7 22/09/1737 Ceccone morello di Buonconvento
8 02/07/1739 Carnaccia baio scuro di Buonconvento
9 02/07/1742 Boccino stornello del Mascagni
10 02/07/1743 Bechino morello sfacciato delle Donzelle
11 17/08/1750 Checchino sauro del Giorgi
12 07/07/1754 Cristofanone morello maltinto del Giannotti
13 17/08/1794 Dorino morello del Giusti
Total victories in de 18th century : 11
14 02/07/1840 Gobbo Saragiolo baio scuro del Rogani
15 02/07/1865 Mascherino storno del Pisani
16 17/08/1879 Bachicche baia del Ceccarelli
17 04/07/1880 Leggerino baia del Ceccarelli
18 02/07/1891 Bozzetto Farfallina
19 02/07/1899 Pippio Gallia
Total victories in de 19th century : 6
20 16/08/1901 Chiccone Sultana
21 16/08/1904 Spansiano Farfalla
22 16/08/1919 Moro Stellina
23 16/08/1953 Il Biondo Mitzi
24 16/08/1955 Romanino Archetta
25 02/07/1960 Tristezza Tanaquilla
26 02/07/1962 Mezz’etto Elena de Mores
27 16/08/1965 Bazza Arianna
28 16/08/1967 Bazza Selvaggia
29 16/08/1970 Baino Ira
30 16/08/1974 Aceto Panezio
31 03/07/1978 Bastiano Urbino de Ozieri
32 07/09/1980 Bastiano Panezio
33 02/07/1987 Bonito da Silva Vipera
Total victories in de 20th century : 14
34 09/09/2000 Il Pesse Urban II
35 02/07/2003 Sgaibarre Zodiach
36 16/08/2006 Salasso Caro Amico
37 02/07/2010 Voglia Fedora Saura
38 17/08/2015 Tittia Polonski
39 16/08/2019 Tittia Remorex
Total victories in de 21st century : 6

Drappelloni and Numeri Unici

Drappellone and Numeri Unici can be found on pages on our Dutch website (pages will open in new tab) :

Debuting fantini

  • Since July 2, 1775, 483 fantini debuted on the Piazza
  • In 1928, no less than 9 fantini debuted (in 3 courses).
  • 21 fantini won their debut.
  • Selva had 25 fantini debut since 1775
  • 3 of them won on their debut : Romanino, Bastiano and Sgaibarre
  • The longest period without a debutant is 25 years : 2/6/1861-16/8/1886
1 Mattiaccio 2/7/1789
2 Fornaciaio 2/7/1793
3 Belloccio 14/5/1809
4 Gigi 2/7/1809
5 Livornese 17/8/1814
6 Maremmano II 16/8/1829
7 Tamberi Luigi 3/7/1851
8 Pilontra 2/7/1852
9 Garzone 2/6/1861
10 Cigna 16/8/1886
11 Pippio 16/8/1898
12 Rancani 2/7/1906
13 Nocciolino II 2/7/1926
14 Cittino I 16/8/1929
15 Il Terribile 2/7/1949
16 Mezz’Etto 2/7/1951
17 Romanino 16/8/1955
18 Morino VI 2/7/1966
19 Grinta 2/7/1976
20 Bastiano 3/7/1978
21 Bonito Da Silva 16/8/1986
22 2/7/1998
23 Sgaibarre 2/7/2003
24 Smarrancio 16/8/2008
25 Tempesta 2/7/2017

Never happened

Below you will find events that have never happened before and that cause some kind of superstition in the contradaioli. MAI or never is of course a relative term. The further we go back in time, the less data is stored and the more uncertain we become.

Selva has never :

  1. won a cappotto
  2. won when they were selected as 2nd or 9th (estrazione)
  3. won from position 9 at the start
  4. won standing next to Civetta or Pantera at the start
  5. won a july palio after being extracted
  6. won an august palio after being extracted together with Aquila or Civetta or Drago or Istrice or Leocorno or Lupa or Oca or Onda or Tartuca
  7. been extracted in july together with Nicchio or Oca
  8. been extracted in august together with Nicchio
  9. won a palio alla romana
  10. won a palio with cavalli scossi
  11. won a palio when Chiocciola, Istrice or Nicchio was the rincorsa

Last update : 12 december 2019