Many visitors of our site show that their interest in Siena goes beyond the Palio. Rightly so. Siena is without a doubt the most beautiful medieval city in the world. A superficial look in any book about general art history makes it clear that European art history from the period 1250 to 1340 is largely the art history of Siena. Sienese creations of architecture, sculpture and painting are among the most important illustrations of that period.

Siena is situated on three hills, with surprising perspectives, winding and ascending streets and alleys, churches and palaces whose interiors beg to be visited, an art heritage of the highest quality and where everything finally comes together in the magical Piazza del Campo , the place of the Palio.

IWe have translated as good as possible our guides about Siena in English. We wrote 3 guides : one about history and art; one tourist-guide and one about food and drinks…

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