Tonight’s participants screened

Tonight at 7 pm the Palio of August 16, 2023 will be driven. We would like to give an overview of the 10 participants. Who is the favorite? Who are the outsiders? And who are the unknowns?


Just like in July, Giraffa has Abbasantesa in the stable. Much has been said about this horse. They resolutely opted for Tittia, winner of the last 5 Palios. He won his first in this series in July 2019 for…Giraffa… With Abbasantesa, he chooses a horse that is in his stable and that he therefore knows well. Once again he is part of the duo to beat. Will he win his eleventh Palio and confirm his win-them-all-status?

Oca aspires the highest. They are competing for the first time since 2018 and are waiting for a win for 10 years. With Zio Frac they have the only ex-winner in the lottery. It is also an excellent opportunity for Brigante to compete again for the prizes and to recover after a lot of lesser races.

Pantera is one of the favourites, although Anda e Bola has yet to show its qualities, that everyone agrees upon, on the Piazza. Scompiglio is ready for another victory. Rival Aquila will do everything they can to stop him, but that does not alter the fact that they are certainly contenders to win.


Aquila seemed to be one of the favorites with Viso D’Angelo. However, they didn’t convince Tittia and rival Pantera resolutely chose to attack with Scompiglio. They surprisingly chose Bighino, who has not appeared on the Piazza for 5 years and will ride his 28th Palio. He has never won, is an excellent killer but who knows, he might surprise in what will be his very last chance; Viso D’Angelo is and remains a horse that competes to win.

Chiocciola was the rincorsa in the last two Palio’s, so it saw its chances halved. Gingillo is riding his 31st Palio and will try to get the best out of the oldest horse in the lot. Reo Confesso is 13 years old and will ride his 4th Palio. With a good start, Chiocciola could be a protagonist…

Tartuca chose Grandine again, also rival Chiocciola is present again. With Schietta, however, he has a horse that was seen by the better ones and has experience. What is the priority at Tartuca? Stop the rival or go for the win yourself? To discover tonight!

Torre hasn’t won the Palio in 8 years but seems to be tuning his Palio more to stop rival Oca. They do have an expert duo: Tabacco rides his 6th Palio (which indicates that there is faith in this horse after all) and Carburo can ride both a defensive and offensive Palio.


Bruco has been waiting for another victory for 15 years. With Bellocchio they chose a fantino who wants to prove himself and who wants to free himself from the shadow of his father Trecciolino (13 victories). They have debutant Zenis who showed himself in the first prova with a very good start. If they can do the same tonight, they might be in for a surprise.

Drago is certainly not a favorite with Vitzichesu. Last year in July, this horse rode an inconspicuous Palio for Montone. The horse would, as said before, have made progress. So Drago lives towards the Palio without expectations and let that be an advantage: they know the feeling of winning the Palio and Tempesta can prove himself this time without a rival…

Istrice was the first to be assigned a horse and disappointedly left the Piazza with Antine Day. They chose Tamurè, a fantino who rode the last two Palios for Giraffa and has talent. His Palio always finished in the first Casato. It is up to him to give hope to a contrada that has been waiting for victory for 15 years. If he starts like in the prove, we will definitely see him in the front…