Time recording Palio 16 agosto 2023

As always, the people behind the Telegram channel Il Palio Di Siena have timed the time of the Palio. It was, due to the many incidents, a slower time than we have been used to in recent years. But we got a lot in return!

They finished in a time of 1′ 17″ 61. The lap times were:

  • First lap 25″ 77
  • Second lap 24″ 27
  • Third lap 27″ 57

The first round of 25″ 77 is similar to that of Preziosa Penelope in July 2016, when the first round was 25″ 69. They speak here of Scompiglio’s time with Pantera, because Tittia had already fallen. Had Scompiglio not fallen, the Palio would still have been under 1′ 15″, making it comparable to that of July 2015 with Morosita Prima at Torre (1′ 14″ 68).

They also noted that Tittia’s cannon start was similar to the two Palios in which Violenta Da Clodia set the record sharper each time. Below is an overview per Palio of the times between the start and the first San Martino:

  • Palio August 16 2023: 11″ 46 (Tittia, Abbasantesa, Giraffa)
  • Palio July 2 2023: 11″ 49 (Tittia, Violenta, Selva)
  • Palio August 17 2022: 11″ 56 (Tittia, Violenta, Leocorno)