Tittia in the history of the Palio

With yesterday’s victory, Giovanni Atzeni, known as Tittia, is the only fantino in Palio history to have won 5 consecutive Palios. After the two of 2019, he also won the two palios of 2022 after the covid break. Last year he had tied with Caino, Pipistrello and Paolaccino with 4 consecutive wins.

In terms of total wins, he has risen to 10, reaching Tommaso Felloni, known as Biggeri. He has now put himself above more recent greats like Ciancone and Il Pesse who had 9 each. He is just one win from Tabarre’s 11 and three from 13 palio’s won by Trecciolino, Dorino, Paolaccino, Bachicche and Picino. Further on we can find Aceto with 14.