Selva wins the Palio on July 2, 2023 with Violenta Da Clodia and Tittia

The Contrada della Selva with Giovanni Atzeni, known as Tittia on Violenta da Clodia, won the Palio di Siena on July 2, 2023 in honor of the Madonna di Provenzano, thus conquering the Drappellone created by the artist Roberto di Jullo.

For Tittia, who is increasingly taking his place in the history of the Palio, it is the fifth victory in a row of the total of 10 Palios won by him in 36 participations. It is also the second victory for Violenta da Clodia and the fortieth victory for the Contrada della Selva after the success on the Palio in August 2019 (then with the same Tittia on Remorex).

The contrade were called between the ropes by mossiere Bartolo Ambrosione in the following order: Onda, Torre, Selva, Istrice, Drago, Tartuca, Aquila, Nicchio, Giraffa and Chiocciola as rincorsa.

At the order of the starter Bartolo Ambrosione, the horses were quickly sent out after the first alignment to let the tension drop and to give the fantini a chance to talk to the rincorsa.

In the second alignment we mainly see nervousness at the bottom with Onda, Torre and Selva. The others, on the other hand, are very calm. However, it is difficult for Chiocciola to give the start as long as rival Tartuca remains motionless.

The Contrade are sent out again. In a third alignment, it is Giraffa who stands very high and denies Chiocciola access or makes it extremely difficult. Torre continues to twist and turn at the bottom, finding his place.

A fourth alignment follows. Ambrosione orders Chiocciola to enter, but Chiocciola does not. A fifth alignment follows and the horses are gone quickly this time.

Drago, Selva, Torre and Onda are off well and we see a great recovery from Giraffa after a lesser start. Selva runs first in San Martino, followed by Torre and Giraffa.

We note four crashes in this Palio: Istrice in the first corner of San Martino, of Chiocciola and Giraffa in the first Casato and Onda in a second passage in San Martino.

Violenta da Clodia always stays ahead with a high pace, followed by Torre with Gingillo on Zio Frac. She therefore wins the Palio di Siena with great authority with Tittia on July 2, 2023.