Estrazione Palio 2 luglio 2024; some statistics

On Sunday, May 26, the draw of the contrade will take place in which it will be announced which are the three contrades that will run the Palio together with Valdimontone, Bruco, Leocorno, Lupa, Civetta and Oca on July 2, 2024. We remind you that in the event of a draw for Aquila or Torre (who will have to serve one and two Palios of disqualification respectively), the flags will be placed on the top floor of the Palazzo Pubblico. In their place, one (or two) extra contrades will be drawn.

Francesco Zanibelli from la Voce del Palio looked up some statistics that we would like to share.

As for the wait since the last lucky draw for the Palio di Provenzano, it is Onda and Selva who have been waiting the longest (since July 2015). They are followed by Nicchio (2016), Aquila (2017), Giraffa and Tartuca (2019, Tartuca was serving a disqualification) and finally the 4 districts drawn last year: Drago, Istrice, Torre and Chiocciola.

Since 2000, Tartuca has been drawn the most of the 10 districts that have a chance of being drawn; no less than 15 times. They are followed by Drago (14), Giraffa (12), Torre and Chiocciola (11). They are followed by Aquila, Onda and Selva with 10. Nicchio was drawn 9 times and Ictrice closes the row with only 6 times.

Finally, we would also like to look at the times when more than 3 districts were selected. Given the exclusions of Aquila and Torre, that chance is also real this time. It is striking that this has happened often in the last 10 years. In 2015, 4 districts were eliminated due to Ictrice’s disqualification. Also the following year, in 2016, 4 contrade were drawn to replace Valdimontone (drawn under disqualification).

Also in July 2017, 4 districts were drawn due to the disqualification of the same Valdimontone. Two years later, in July 2019, 4 districts were drawn to replace the Tartuca, which was drawn under disqualification. Two years ago, in July 2022, no fewer than 6 contrade were drawn due to the disqualification of Nicchio, Oca and Tartuca. Finally, in July 2023, 4 contrade were drawn due to the disqualification of Oca and replacing Civetta who was drawn under disqualification.