PalioApp – 4 giorni in una app

As of today you can download the PalioApp for free. This app was created by the Belgian Jan-Christiaan Gilliams (founder of in 2002), who has been present in the Piazza for the Palio since 1987 at least once a year.

The app was developed with great love and respect for the Palio and was officially approved by the Siena Palio Protection Consortium on May 2, 2023.

It will consist of five pages:

  • list of horses admitted to the Trade, each with relative file (age, coat, owner, number of Palios run, any victories)
  • attribution of thigh numbers (coscia)
  • selection batteries (with the possibility of annotating the placings)
  • assignment of the chosen subjects to the Contrade
  • formation of horse/jockey pairings for each Contrada.

As mentioned, the app will provide the list and description of the horses admitted to the negotiation. On the day of the Assignment and the following days, the user will be able to summarize in the app what will happen in the Square and will be able to easily and simply consult batteries and coupled at any time, updating any eventual changes. In practice, he will be able to do everything that is usually done with pen and paper, but with greater detail and with more information.

The evening before the Tratta, the list, which is currently made up of all the horses admitted to the previsits, will be restricted to the horses admitted to the Tratta. At that point any entries made by the user for testing purposes will be reset, so you can start your day with a blank app. So you can test in advance.

The app is available at and can be installed on both iOS and Android. On this website you can already read how to install the app (with video) and how to use it.