Follow the 4 giorni on TV or radio?

Siena has two regional TV channels. In addition to Canale 3, there is also SienaTV. The latter has announced its programming for the days of the Palio. Through #passionepalio they bring all the emotions from the Piazza to your home.

From June 27 to Sunday July 3, SienaTV will start with an adapted program around the Palio. Like last year, they are betting on many live broadcasts, framing programs with analyzes and some established formats dedicated to the Palio.

The editorial staff of Radio Siena TV is ready to tell and show you everything via TV (Digitale terrestre canale 91), radio (Radio Siena 92.2 and 93.7 fm) and for anyone not in Siena via the website (https:/ / and its social channels.

The live coverage will start with the broadcast of the Prove regolamentate on June 27 and 28. Every morning from 7.15 am we are welcomed with “Buongiorno Palio” where they go over the local press and make live connections with the Piazza.

On June 29, in addition to registering the horses, they also broadcast the batterie and the assegnazione. At 13:00 “Processo alla Prova” follows, led by Matteo Borsi and Veronica Costa. You will be able to follow live which fantino goes to which contrada. “Processo alla Prova” will also be broadcast on June 30 and on July 1 and 2 from 1 pm to 3 pm. Those days they look back and forward to the prove.

On July 2, in addition to the usual formats, from 5 p.m., there will be a live broadcast from the Corteo Storico, conducted by Massimo Biliorsi, Claudio Giomini, Susanna Pioli and Daniele Magrini. This is followed by the broadcast of the Palio, but you will only be able to see this on La7 (more later). From 11 p.m., “Processo al Palio” will follow, full of comments, interviews and analyzes about the race just completed.

In addition to these live broadcasts, there are also formats that run throughout the day: “Angeli Custodi” and “Generazioni a confronto” by Veronica Costa; “Palio in video clip” by Massimo Biliorsi, “Piazza con Vista” (every evening between 10 and midnight) with Simona Sassetti and Valentina Tomei. At midnight, the day ends (or begins?) with “Viaggio nella bellezza, Memorie di Contrada” by Daniele Magrini.

All the batterie of the tratta, prove and Palio will of course also be broadcast with commentary by Claudio Giomini and Susanna Pioli.

On July 3, in addition to the reruns of the Palio, the following programs will be available: “Buongiorno Palio – il giorno dopo”, presented at 7:30 am by Alessandro Pagliai and from 1:00 pm “Palio, il giorno dopo”, with Veronica Costa, Viola Carignani and Alessandro Pagliai.

All this will be seen via the live stream on the website:

As usual Canale 3 will also broadcasts everything (tratta, prove, Palio) under the established name “96 ore di Palio”. In the afternoon there is always the program with the ex-fantini who shed their light on everything that is going on. Unfortunately, Canale 3 did not (yet) share any programming. Canale 3 can be viewed via the website:

The online news site Gazzetta di Siena also shared its programming. They broadcast the presentation of the Palio, Prove di Notte, Tratta and prove. They also have some programs where they discuss the events. This can be followed via their website, youtube-channel and facebookpage.