Onda, Selva and Chiocciola drawn for August palio 2022

Yesterday evening, Sunday July 10, Onda, Selva and Chiocciola were added to Tartuca, Lupa, Giraffa, Civetta, Leocorno, Nicchio and Valdimontone who were already allowed to participate.

We see three rivalries in the Piazza del Campo: Chiocciola-Tartuca, Civetta-Leocorno and Nicchio-Valdimontone. In addition, 5 contrade are participating again: Chiocciola, Civetta, Leocorno, Lupa, Valdimontone.

The Contrade dell’Oca was not drawn and will therefore serve its second day of suspension during the Palio on July 2, 2023. So they will be on the Piazza again in August next year!

Besides Oca (suspension), Aquila is the only contrada who will not ride a single Palio this year. In 2023 they will be there twice.

Oca’s captain pulled Onda, Pantera’s pulled Selva, and finally it was Tartuca’s captain who pulled rival Chiocciola.

The other seven were drawn in the following order: Torre, Drago, Bruco, Pantera, Oca, Aquila and Istrice. They will participate in the Corteo Storcio in that order and will certainly participate in the Palio of August 16, 2023.