Leocorno triumphs with Tittia on August 17, 2022

The Contrada del Leocorno with Giovanni Atzeni detto Tittia on Violenta da Clodia, has won the August Palio. This was postponed one day after the rain on August 16.

The Contrada di Pantaneto thus achieves its 31st victory after 15 years of waiting. They win the Drappellone created by artist Andrea Anastasio. For Titta, it was the fourth consecutive win of nine in total achieved at Piazza del Campo.

After the Corteo Storico, the contrade left the Palazzo Pubblico at 6.40 pm; 20 minutes earlier than usual.

The order between the ropes, under the command of mossiere Bartolo Ambrosione, was as follows: Leocorno, Giraffa, Selva, Valdimontone, Onda, Civetta, Tartuca, Nicchio, Lupa and Chiocciola as rincorsa.

There were three rivals in the Piazza: Chiocciola-Tartuca, Civetta-Leocorno and Nicchio-Valdimontone. In the lottery of the participating horses, there were two horses that had already won the Palio (Remorex with two wins and Zio Frac with one), five that had run at least one career (Solu Tue Due, Tabacco, Viso d’Angelo, Reo Confesso and Violenta da Clodia) and three debutants (Astoriux, Arestetulesu and Ungaros).

At the behest of the mossiere, the ropes were left for the first time to relieve some tension. This gave the fantini the opportunity to start negotiations with the rincorsa. A false start quickly follows a second alignment. Tartuca is turned and mossiere Ambrosione decides to give an invalid start.

At the third alignment, Chiocciola comes in very quickly. A valid start judges Amborsione. Leocorno, Selva and Valdimontone start the best, followed by Giraffa. In this order they turn in San Martino.

Leocorno is clearly in the lead, followed by Selva, Valdimontone and the four scossi of Giraffa, Onda, Nicchio and Civetta, whose fantini fell in the first Casato.

Leocorno clearly remains in the lead in the other two laps, always followed by Selva and Valdimontone. Giovanni Atzeni detto Tittia wins the 2022 Palio dell’Assunta on Violenta da Clodia.