Emanuele Montomoli: “In 2021 it will be very difficult to ride the two traditional Palios”

In recent days, scientist Emanuele Montomoli, vaccine expert and CEO of Vismederi, was interviewed in the Canale 3 Toscana program “Brandano – le voci della Città”. Among the many questions, he was also asked for an opinion on the two Palios in 2021.

“In 2021, I see it very gloomy regarding the traditional Palios. The massive vaccination campaign will only really start in the summer, so it will be difficult for an event like the Palio to take place. In addition, I would find it inappropriate to organize the Palio behind closed doors. So it will take some patience. Until now, pandemics have been controlled in 5 to 6 years. If we could do it in two years this time, it would be an excellent result. ”

Betting on a Palio Straordinario in the months of September, October or November seems like an interesting and feasible option. Finally, Montomoli also stated that he does not have much hope of seeing horses in the Piazza in 2021.

The coming months will reveal a lot, but I think they realize in Siena that 2021 will not be a “normal” year either…