Addio Brio

On Monday 17 May Andrea Mari detto Brio died in a car accident in Bolgheri. He was 43 years old and was one of the protagonists of the Palio. He participated in 32 Palio and won 6 of them (win rate: 19%). He was one of the “big 3” fantini of the moment along with Scompiglio and Tittia.

In the “ranking” of the fantini with the most wins, he is in ninth place with 6 wins together with Checchino, Nappa, Cispa, Tripolino and Bazza. He rode for 14 contrade and won for 5 different ones. He never weared the colors of Chiocciola, Leocorno and Selva.

The most Palio he was wearing the colors of Civetta (7 with 2 wins), followed by Torre (4 with 1 victory), Pantera (4 with 1 victory), Drago (3 with 1 victory), Giraffa (2 with 1 victory), Tartuca (2 ), Aquila (2) and Bruco (2).

Choci (3) is the horse he has ridden the most. In addition, he sat twice on Moedi, Indianos and Morosita Prima. Although he fell 8 times, he never won scosso. He ended in second place five times. Mari was disqualified five times.

For Siena and the Sienese it was a very big shock. Both regional TV-stations, Canale3 and SienaTV made an ultimate salute to Brio. Under this article you can find a lot of video (ultimate salutes, his last round around the Piazza del Campo, his funeral,…)

Especially for him, we created a personal page on this website with all info about his career.