Drappellone for Palio of 16 agosto 2023 by Marco Lodola presented

Marco Lodola is the artist who painted the drappellone for the August 16, 2023 Palio di Siena. The work was presented today, Thursday, August 10, at 7 p.m. in the Cortile del Podestà of the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena.

Marco Lodola’s work is a kaleidoscope of colours. A contamination of styles. Completely in his own style. In the upper part we see the traditional Madonna with a red dress and blue cloak. The face is not outlined, just like all the other faces on the rest of the drappellone. As in all works that distinguish the Lombard master. They are timeless faces. Rightly so. The Virgo cannot be boxed into any time frame. A people’s passion for the Palio cannot be caged in time.

Lodola’s work needs to be viewed and not just seen. Only in this way can each of us fill that void and come into contact with the artist who passes the baton to us to initiate a dialogue with art. To personalize and make subjective the features that do not appear. As always, creativity stimulates an exchange of sensations with the observer. With everyone and not just with the elite. This is the contagion of Pop Art.

In the center of the canvas a large black horse emerges from that colorful and emotional people. Yellow, red, green, pink, light blue, orange. Marco Lodola is the artist of color. It’s part of his creativity. He doesn’t have to look for it, study it, mix it. He does not hesitate to use it purely because he knows how to dominate it with the audacity that has characterized the Futurists. It is no coincidence that he is one of the founders of the Movimento Nuovo Futurismo.

But he is also the ‘lord of the light’. However, unable to illuminate the print he impressed, as he does for the installations that have made him world famous, he nevertheless succeeded in capturing the light through a skilful choice of almost psychedelic colors with a great visual impact. With his visionary power, the forms come to life from his palette and not the other way around. Only then does he block them in that fragment of the world: Siena, with the marked stroke of a black felt-tip pen. In the lower part of the Palio there is a reproduction of the contrada heraldry, but characterized by the brightness of playful colors as in its original and very personal style.

Is the Palio Pop? Futuristic? It would do drappellone disgrace to push it into a specific style. Marco Lodola’s artistic production has distinctive elements that refer, remember, but do not imitate, because the vision of the time in which he lives is different. The conceptual approach is different. The radiated energy is different.

His Palio fully reflects the philosophical perspective he has on art and especially on the iconic communicative role art plays for any audience.