Assegnazione: Oca, Pantera and Aquila favorites

At 13h30 the horses have just been raffled under 10 contrade. The lot included one horse that has already won the Palio (Zio Frac), seven that have ridden at least one Palio; Vitzichesu (1), Schietta (3), Abbasantesa (1), Viso D’Angelo (3), Tabacco (5), Reo Confesso (3) and Anda e Bola (1); and with two debutants (Zenis and Antine Day).

Oca seems to be the top favorite with Zio Frac. Just below them we put Viso D’Angelo at Aquila, and Anda e Bola at Pantera. Giraffa also believes in Abbasantesa. We are curious about which fantino we will see with which contrada tonight. It’s an interesting draw to say the least.

25Zio FracOca
615Viso D’AngeloAquila
718Antine DayIstrice
928Reo ConfessoChiocciola
1033Anda e BolaPantera