Valdimontone wins Prova Generale, Civetta present again with Carburo instead of Bighino

The Prova Generale has just been driven. She was traditionally preceded by the Carabinieri on horseback. A minute of silence was also paid to the death of Andrea Mari (Brio) last year. Brio rode 32 palios of which he won 6. On May 17, 2021, he tragically died in Bolgheri as a result of a road accident.

Then the horses were called in: Pantera, Valdimontone, Leocorno, Istrice, Civetta, Chiocciola, Bruco, Torre, Drago and Lupa as rincorsa.

Civetta was present again. Bighino was replaced by Giosue Carboni detto Carburo. He has just recovered from his crash during the races in Legnano. He is the owner and trainer of Vankook and therefore knows the horse very well.

There was immediately a lot of nervousness and pushing between the ropes. Mossiere Bircolotti soon decided to realign. At the second alignment, with a bit of confusion between the ropes, rincorsa Lupa enters, but de Mossiere finds that there is a forcing which invalidates the start.

While the horses are riding around, there is a problem with Istrice’s horse Schietta. This is immediately taken to the Entrone for examination. Meanwhile, all the jockeys get off the horses in anticipation of whether or not Schietta will participate in the prova. After a few minutes of waiting the decision: As a precaution, Istrice is exempted from carrying out the prova.

New alignment with only nine horses, and with at least as much nervousness between the two ropes. The crowd in the square begins to shout.

At the fourth alignment, another call from the starter to enter. Lupa does this and the start is considered valid. Pantera, again, was the first to leave, followed by Valdimontone and Leocorno. Valdimontone takes the San Martino first. Mula urges Vitzichesu to a brisk canter. On the last lap, Montone slows down. They win the Prova Generale.

1 Elias Mannucci detto Turbine Pantera
2 Antonio Mula Valdimontone
3 Andrea Coghe detto Tempesta Leocorno
4 Carlo Sanna detto Brigante Istrice
5 Giosue Carboni detto Carburo Civetta
6 Giuseppe Zedde detto Gingillo Chiocciola
7 Stefano Piras detto Scangeo Bruco
8 Jonatan Bartoletti detto Scompiglio Torre
9 Giovanni Atzeni detto Tittia Drago
R Enrico Bruschelli detto Bellocchio Lupa