Palio 2020: new dates are August 22 and September 26, although the final decision will be made between May 10 and May 15

Yesterday, April 1, the mayor, the rettore and the magistrato delle contrade, the 17 priors as well as the deans and vice deans of the captains gathered at the town hall in the Sala delle Lupa. They came together to make a decision regarding the Palio year 2020 and the corona virus that obviously has an influence on this.

It was unanimously decided to postpone the two palios to later dates. The Palio of July 2 will run on August 22, the Palio dell’Assunta of August 16 will be postponed to September 26.

The final decision will only be taken between 10 and 15 May when there is also clarity from the safety authorities. After all, they want to be sure that the party can take place in the most normal way possible and of course with public.

It is also certain that if the current rules imposed by the government are extended, the Palios will be scrapped. They will consider the possibility of running one Palio Straordinario in a period when the weather can still allow this.

In addition, it was decided to remove all Feste Titolare from the contrade. This is because most of them fall in the period when any form of social activity is prohibited by the government.

This painful, unanimous decision was made with great regret in an exclusive sense of unity, solidarity among all contrade. In its press release, the city council also pointed to the sense of responsibility and brotherhood that all Contrade have shown on this occasion.