Assegnazione: Selva, Onda and Torre favorites

As of 1:30 p.m. today, Thursday, June 29, the allocation of the horses to the ten Contrade has been carried out that will participate in the Palio di Siena on July 2, 2023. The new mayor of Siena, Nicoletta Fabio, called out the 10 contrade and horses one by one.

The lot included two horses that have already won the Palio (Violenta da Clodia and Zio Frac), five that have ridden at least one Palio, Una per tutti (3 Palios), Reo Confesso (2), Viso d’Angelo (2) Astoriux and Ungaros, and with three debutants (Veranu, Abbasantesa and Anda e Bola). Selva seems to be the top favorite with Violenta Da Clodia. Just below that we put Viso D’Angelo at Onda, and Zio Frac at Torre. A surprise can never be ruled out in the Palio…

11Violenta Da ClodiaSelva
23Una Per TuttiTartuca
35Anda e BolaChiocciola
423Reo ConfessoIstrice
524Viso D’AngeloOnda
1030Zio FracTorre