The PalioApp is back, with new features.

After the first positive test during the Palio of 2 July 2023, the PalioApp is available again, updated and corrected, for the Palio of 16 August 2023.

The site from which to download it has remained the same:

Those who have already downloaded the app on their phone will only have to open it and wait for the new version to appear automatically, recognizable from the new menu, with the wording “v2.0” at the bottom.

In addition to the new, clearer and more complete menu, the error that caused the overwriting of batteria 4 in July has been resolved.

It is now also possible to correct a possible error in choosing the placement.

As regards horses, three new pages have been added: Horses Admitted to the Protocol (all horses); Horses Admitted to the Prove di Notte (the list will be updated as soon as registrations are known) and Horses Admitted to the Tratta (this too will be updated as soon as it is announced).

In each of these pages it will be possible to click on the icon/name of each individual horse to open the relative information sheet (owner, year of birth, color, palios run and palios won).

On the Assegnazione page it will also be possible to indicate the order in which each individual horse will be matched to the respective Contrada.

Once this is done, the new Prove page will automatically complete, with the correct starting order for each prova.

Finally, a further page has been added, where the user can write down the entry order for the canape on 16 August.