Colors Red and green with a yellow band
Symbol Dragon
Flag Drago
Terzo Terzo di Camollìa
Headquarters Piazza Matteotti 18
Museum Piazza Matteotti 18
Clubhouse Società “Camporegio”, via del Paradiso 21
Contradaioli Dragaioli
Oratory Santa Caterina del Paradiso
Paitron Saint Santa Caterina da Siena (latst sunday of may)
Enemie(s) none
Allied contrade Aquila (dal 1788)
Oca (dal 1789 al 1947)
Lupa (dal 1789 al 1950)
Selva (dal 1824 al 1979)
Victories 39 officially recognized
Website http://www.contradadeldrago.it



The Bando di Violante di Baviera from 1730 determined the division of the city of Siena into 17 Contrade. People referred to buildings and their owners instead of the streets (as they do now). The document is still seen today as the basis on which the actual boundaries of the districts were determined.

Today, the following streets are part of the area’s territory:

  • via San Domenico
  • via del Paradiso
  • via della Sapienza
  • vicolo della Palla a Corda
  • via di Camporegio
  • via delle Terme (part)
  • via dei Termini (part)
  • via dei Pontàni (part)
  • Banchi di Sopra (part)
  • via dei Montanini (part)
  • via dei Malavolti
  • viale Curtatone
  • via dell’Arco dei Malavolti
  • costa di Sant’Antonio (part)
  • costa dell’Incrociata
  • piazza Matteotti
  • piazza Camporegio
  • piazzetta degli Alberghi
  • vicolo del Campaccio
  • vicolo della Rosa
  • vicolo del Cavalletto
  • vicolo del Rustichetto

The Drago, Chiocciola, Giraffa and Onda neighborhoods were the first neighborhoods of Siena with their own symbol. At the “Gioco delle Pugna” of 1494 they already came out under that name. In some old documents, even in 1481, Contrada del Drago is already being discussed, and this without public events.

Drago 3

Until the mid-17th century, the Drago district was limited to houses and shops. From 1650 the San Domenico church and the accompanying monastery to Camporegio are also considered. From 1679 they even want to contribute to the costs of the Palio, on condition that, in case of victory, the Palio also could be shown on the altar of the San Domenico. This arrangement lasted almost a hundred years and ended as a result of a disagreement after the victory of Drago in the Palio of July 2, 1738.

Drago is also the neighborhood with the oldest preserved medieval costume in “Spanish style” from 1839.

Important locations and Festa Titolare

Drago 1

The Oratory of Drago is located on Piazza Matteotti. The Santa Caterina del Paradiso is now owned by the district but was founded in 1479 by the sisters of Santa Caterina del Paradiso, after whom the church was also named. The old church was replaced in 1620-1626 by the current building. Since 1787 it became the Oratory of Drago.

The baptismal fountain is located behind the gate for the entrance door of the Oratory. It was made in 1977 by Vico Consorti.

The Festa Titolare in honor of patron saint Santa Caterina da Siena is celebrated on the last Sunday of May. The patron saint is shared with Oca, who celebrate her on the second Sunday of May.

Drago and the Palio

Drago has 39 officially recognized victories. The latter dates from July 2, 2022, with Giovanni Atzeni (Tittia) on Zio Frac.

Drago won 1 cappotto in 1890.

Despite periods of 10, 15 and even 20 years without victory, the 20th century was the most successful for Drago with 16 wins. Both between 1962 and 1966, and between 1986 and 1993, Drago won 4 times.

You can find all the drappelloni won here. The Numeri Unici are also online.


The Palio della Pace has entered history as one of the most turbulent ever. What should have been a celebration of the end of the World War led to a real battle. Bruco, who had set their sights on this Palio and wanted to win at all costs, managed to bribe everyone, including the mossiere. Only Rubacuori, Drago’s fantino, didn’t want to know about a bribe.

Drago 2Two false starts (perhaps because Bruco did not start well) and Tartuca’s withdrawal (due to disagreement with those false starts) made it interesting without the course even getting started. Bruco (of course) started best of al participants. They remained in the lead until the final round. Followed by Rubacuori on the 19-year-old Folco (the horse with the most victories in the history of the Palio). In the final round, Drago passed Bruco and won. However, this was not appreciated by the Brucaioli who tore up the drappellone and treated the Dragaioli present to a few punches. A few months after the Palio, Drago got a new drappellone. This time with a small adaptation of the painter: on the Drago logo the dragon got a small caterpillar in her mouth.

A contrada that never had an enemy

Drago is the only Contrada who has never had an official enemy. Despite the difficult period with Lupa in the 50s and 60s, and more recently with Selva and Bruco. None of these disagreements has been translated into a rivalry. Drago is also the district with the most ‘political stability’ in Siena, on average, the terms of office of its leaders last longer than in any other district.



1 06/11/1650 Mone ?
2 28/06/1682 Pavolino ?
Total victories in de 17th century : 2
3 04/07/1717 Muletto baio di Buonconvento
4 02/07/1724 Romano Colombino
5 02/07/1729 Capanna leardo del Parigini
6 02/07/1738 Pettinaio sauro bruciato di Buonconvento
7 16/08/1748 Bechino cavallo del Becarelli
8 02/07/1763 Checchino stornello del Falorsi
9 16/08/1771 Nacche Cavazza
10 16/08/1786 Dorino baio bruciato del Nepi
Total victories in de 18th century : 8
11 2/07/1833 Pipistrello morello dello Iacopi
12 17/08/1845 Figlio di Bonino morello del Barbetti
13 16/08/1874 Girocche storno del Pisani
14 02/07/1878 Marzialetto baia del Nardi
15 16/08/1881 Il Moro baio bruciato del Carlini
16 18/08/1889 (cavalli scossi) Baia zaina
17 02/07/1890 Tabarre Prete
18 16/08/1890 Tabarre Farfallina
19 02/07/1894 Tabarre morello bruciato del Borgogni
Total victories in de 19th century : 9
20 02/07/1900 Bellino Sultana
21 02/07/1903 Zaraballe Colombina
22 16/08/1909 Picino Calabresella
23 16/08/1911 Bubbolo baia fiore in fronte
24 02/07/1921 Testina Crognolo
25 16/08/1936 Tripolino Aquilino
26 02/07/1938 Tripolino Folco
27 20/08/1945 Rubacuori Folco
28 16/08/1962 Canapetta Beatrice
29 16/08/1963 Rondone Zaffira
30 02/07/1964 Peppinello Arianna
31 02/07/1966 Bazza Topolona
32 02/07/1986 Falchino Ogiva
33 16/08/1989 Moretto Benito III
34 16/08/1992 Il Pesse Pytheos
35 16/08/1993 Mistero Vittorio
Total victories in de 20th century : 16
36 16/08/2001 Zodiach
37 02/07/2014 Salasso Oppio
38 02/07/2018 Brio Rocco Nice
38 02/07/2022 Tittia Zio Frac
Total victories in de 21st century : 4

Drappelloni and Numeri Unici

Drappellone and Numeri Unici can be found on pages on our Dutch website (pages will open in new tab) :

Debuting fantini

  • Since July 2, 1775, 483 fantini debuted on the Piazza
  • In 1928, no less than 9 fantini debuted (in 3 courses).
  • 21 fantini won their debut.
  • Drago had 36 fantini debut since 1775
  • Peppinello won on his debute
  • The longest period without a debutant is 29 years : 2/7/1964-2/7/1993
1 Gistri Mugnaio 2/7/1793
2 Beppe Lordo 16/8/1799
3 Figlio di Manganello 2/7/1804
4 Farfallino di Figline 16/8/1804
5 Montalcino 3/7/1806
6 Boschettino 3/7/1807
7 Brandino Minore 2/7/1808
8 Bonino 2/7/1819
9 Ciuffetto 16/8/1825
10 Dragone 2/7/1826
11 Brutto 2/7/1828
12 Brandino II 2/7/1835
13 Casagli Angelo 18/8/1841
14 Il Guercio 2/7/1854
15 Ruzzino 2/7/1855
16 Liberato 3/7/1864
17 Merciai Primo 2/7/1867
18 Massimino I 4/7/1880
19 Serio Giovanni 2/7/1902
20 Volpi Antonio 2/7/1905
21 Cartoni Edoardo 3/7/1910
22 Bubbolo 13/9/1910
23 Grattapassere 16/8/1925
24 Ghetta 14/9/1928
25 Morino IV 2/7/1945
26 Bazza 16/8/1947
27 Granchio 16/8/1948
28 Ciaba 2/7/1949
29 Rompighiaccio 2/7/1950
30 Rondone 2/7/1954
31 Giove 16/8/1954
32 Acciuga 2/7/1962
33 Peppinello 2/7/1964
34 Mistero 2/7/1993
35 Stoppa 2/7/1995
36 Ares 20/10/2018

Never happened

Below you will find events that have never happened before and that cause some kind of superstition in the contradaioli. MAI or never is of course a relative term. The further we go back in time, the less data is stored and the more uncertain we become.

Drago has never :

  1. won when they were selected as 1st or 7th (estrazione)
  2. won from position 7 or 9 at he start, neither as rincorsa
  3. won a july palio after being extracted together with Lupa or Nicchio or Oca or Onda or Valdimontone
  4. won a palio in august after being extracted together with Aquila or Bruco or Istrice or Leocorno or Oca or Tartuca or Torre or Valdimontone
  5. won a palio alla romana
  6. won a palio with Aquila or Civetta or Oca or Onda as rincorsa
Last update : 4 july 2022