Colors White and black with orange band
Symbol Wolf
Flag Lupa
Terzo Terzo di Camollìa
Headquarters Via Vallerozzi 63
Museum Via Vallerozzi 63
Clubhouse Società “Romolo e Remo”, Via Pian d’Ovile
Contradaioli Lupaioli
Oratory Oratorio di San Rocco
Paitron Saint San Rocco (16 august)
Enemie(s) Istrice (dal 1934)
Allied contrade none
Overwinningen 37 officially recognized



The Bando di Violante di Baviera from 1730 determined the division of the city of Siena into 17 Contrade. People referred to buildings and their owners instead of the streets (as they do now). The document is still seen today as the basis on which the actual boundaries of the districts were determined.

Today, the following streets are part of the area’s territory:

  • via Vallerozzi (part)
  • via dell’Abbadia (part)
  • via Montanini (part)
  • via Garibaldi (part)
  • piazza del Sale
  • via della Stufa Secca
  • Pian d’Ovile
  • via di Fontenuova
  • piazza dell’Abbadia (part)
  • piazza Salimbeni (part)
  • vicolo di Borgo Franco
  • vicolo del Lavatoio

The Lupa district is closely linked to the city of Rome because of the presence of the wolf with Romulus and Remo in their coat of arms.

Important locations and Festa Titolare

Lupa 1

The Oratory of Lupa, Oratorio di San Rocco, was built in 1511. In 1789 the district became the owner of the church. In front of the building is a she-wolf, donated by the City of Rome. Next to the chapel we find the museum of the neighborhood.

The baptismal fountain is in front of the Oratory and was designed in 1962 by Emilio Montagnani.

The Festa Titolare in honor of San Rocco is celebrated on August 16. The festivities take place on the first Sunday after the Palio of 16 August.

Lupa and the Palio

Lupa has 37 wins. The last one dates from 16 August 2018 when Gingillo won on Porto Alabe.

Lupa won two Cappotti, in 1785 and 2016.

After the victory of Civetta on August 16, 2009, Lupa received the title of “Nonna” from Civetta. Until 2 July 2016, they were the contrada that waited the longest for a victory. On July 2, 2016, this questionable honor went to Aquila.

You can find all the drappelloni won here. The Numeri Unici are also online.


In the 1930s, Aquila, Drago, Lupa and Valdimontone had, following the T.O.NO., a small alliance created under the name “Piccola Quadruplice”. The four contrade embarked on a remarkable series of victories. In 5 years they won no less than 5 out of 10 races. Larger neighborhoods saw this success and wanted to share. Torre, at that time “nonna” saw an opportunity here.

Lupa 3

For the Palio of July 1937, everything was prepared to allow Torre to win. Aquila, Drago and Lupa walked along and were convinced. But on June 29, Torre drew Rondinella, a horse that was much weaker than Ruello who went to rival Onda. Of the 4 neighborhoods from Piccola Quadrilupe only Lupa was lucky with Folco. However, Torre was convinced that it would work and did not want to change the strategy. However Torre was so convinced of a new victory all other contrade found it suspicious. On the evening of July 1, Lupa decided to go for the win. Tripolino, the fantino, was not informed about the changed strategy.

Torre leads the way. But Tripolino on the much too strong Folco can easily catch up with him and win. The Torraili are furious and invade Lupa. There is heavy fighting and Libero Savelli, a contradaiolo from Torre, is killed.

The two neighborhoods do not become enemies, although all the conditions to become it were present. In the years following this Palio, both neighborhoods lived side by side.

Rivalry with Istrice

Lupa 2Before the birth of their rivalry (1934), Istrice and Lupa were even deacons or allies. In the early 1930s some banal discussions arose around border areas. A dispute over a few meters could not be resolved. A committee was even set up to find a solution, but this did not work. An enmity was born.

In 1935, Lupa won in July, and Istrice in August, both at Ruello. In the Numeri Unici that were published later that year, cartoons about the other neighborhood were placed in both issues. The young enmity was incited and has since disappeared.



1 02/07/1696 Pulcino Pecoraio
Total victories in de 17th century : 1
2 16/08/1703 Strega Capitanello
3 02/07/1723 Capanna Cervio
4 16/08/1727 Capanna baio di Siena
5 02/07/1728 Cerrino morello di Monteroni
6 02/07/1740 Ministro baio scuro di Buonconvento
7 04/07/1751 Maremmano sauro del Mensani
8 16/08/1756 Bastianone sauro delle Donzelle
9 16/08/1758 Bastianone sauro del Giannotti
10 16/08/1775 Bastianone sauro dell’Amaddii
11 02/07/1785 Dorino baio dorato del Palagi
12 17/08/1785 Pacchiano morello del Fanciulli
Total victories in de 18th century : 11
13 16/08/1809 Biggeri morello del Pianigiani-
14 17/08/1817 Vecchia castagno bruciato del Grandi
15 02/07/1820 Brandino baio del Soldatini
16 18/08/1833 Pipistrello morello dello Iacopi
17 16/08/1841 Campanino Tosato
18 02/07/1854 Paolaccino morello stellino del Paciarelli
19 15/08/1867 Bachicche baio del Cecconi
20 17/08/1876 Leggerino ?
21 02/07/1883 Il Citto morello del Carlini
22 16/08/1889 Ansanello Sedan
23 16/08/1899 Bellino baia fiore in fronte del Fabbri
Total victories in de 19th century : 11
24 18/08/1907 cavalli scossi Gobba
25 04/07/1909 Scansino baia dorata del Sampieri
26 16/08/1912 Nappa sauro del Fineschi
27 02/07/1923 Pirulino Baietta
28 02/07/1935 Tripolino Ruello
29 02/07/1937 Tripolino Folco
30 02/07/1945 Renzino Mughetto
31 16/08/1948 Ranco Noce
32 02/07/1952 Il Terribile Niduzza
33 02/07/1973 Tristezza Panezio
34 02/07/1989 Il Bufera Vipera
Total victories in de 20th century : 11
35 02/07/2016 Scompiglio Preziosa Penelope
36 16/08/2016 Scompiglio Preziosa Penelope
37 16/08/2018 Gingillo Porto Alabe
Total victories in de 20st century : 3

Drappelloni and Numeri Unici

Drappellone and Numeri Unici can be found on pages on our Dutch website (pages will open in new tab) :

Debuting fantini

  • Since July 2, 1775, 483 fantini debuted on the Piazza
  • In 1928, no less than 9 fantini debuted (in 3 courses).
  • 21 fantini won their debut.
  • Lupa had 25 fantini debuting since 1775
  • Renzino and Il Bufera won on their debut
  • The longest period without a debutant is 33 years : 17/8/1794-2/7/1827
1 Sucinello 16/8/1780
2 Baffino 2/7/1787
3 Ciccina 17/8/1794
4 Campanino 2/7/1827
5 Bucher 2/7/1832
6 Tinello 18/8/1842
7 Paolaccino 16/8/1850
8 Fiorentino 16/8/1854
9 Moro I 16/8/1875
10 Martellino I 2/7/1879
11 Bellino II 2/7/1896
12 Mascherino II 16/8/1896
13 Spanziano 3/7/1898
14 Pallino 9/9/1900
15 CanaliI Tizio 2/7/1927
16 Staggino 14/9/1928
17 Renzino 2/7/1945
18 Nino 16/8/1946
19 Biba 2/7/1956
20 Parti e Vai 16/8/1963
21 Fildiferro II 16/8/1971
22 Damasco 16/8/1977
23 Il Bufera 2/7/1989
24 Scintilla 16/8/1998
25 Vittorio 2/7/2007

Never happened

Below you will find events that have never happened before and that cause some kind of superstition in the contradaioli. MAI or never is of course a relative term. The further we go back in time, the less data is stored and the more uncertain we become.

Lupa has never :

  1. won riding together with Istrice and Selva, Nicchio and Selva, Oca and Torre.
  2. won in august when Oca participated
  3. won when they were selected as 1st, 3th, 5th or 8th (estrazione)
  4. won from 2nd, 5th, 7th or 8th at the start
  5. won when they were at the start next to Aquila or Chiocciola or Oca or Onda or Pantera or Tartuca
  6. won a palio when they were drawn together with Aquila or Chiocciola or Drago or Istrice or Oca or Onda or Selva or Torre

Last update 6 december 2019