Watching the Palio tonight?

As last year and in july, and this until 2025, the rights to broadcast the Palio are with. This obviously has consequences as it cannot be received in abroad. The broadcast starts at 4:45 pm.

The new contract between the Consorzio Per La Tutela Del Palio Di Siena and La7 also provides that the broadcast must be streamed. La7 will do this via their website. We’ve been testing this regularly over the last few days and everything seems very stable and the picture is very good. This was also the case in july so it should work. However, some readers noted that it doesn’t always work and that refreshing the page often did wonders. A VPN can also help, of course, but it is a bit more technical…

Alternatives are the live streams of the local channels SienaTV and Canale3. These were closed in the past during the Palio at the request of La7. You can try, who knows… they could be valid alternatives.

Gazzetta di Siena also broadcast all prove via their website. Who knows, they might do the same during the Palio.

New from this year is that the Palio will also be broadcast abroad with English commentary. This will be given by Anna Piperato, native speaking American but with great passion for Siena and the Palio.

In the first place, this would concern the Emirates and China, but the Palio will also be broadcast live on TV in the Caribbean, Georgia, Switzerland, Austria, … However, we have not found any livestream, and it remains to be seen whether who will be…

What is certain is that there will be live streams. Which one will work best remains to be discovered.

Buon Palio a tutti colori!