Tonight’s participants screened

Tonight at 7.30 pm the Palio of July 2, 2022 will be driven. It is the first time since August 16, 2019 that we will see a Palio; this because of Covid-19 that had us in its grip for no less than 2 years.

As expected, it was confirmed at the press conference this afternoon that Civetta and Istrice will not participate in the Palio. This after careful consideration of the veterinary committee of the City of Siena. The Palio will therefore be driven with 8. This has never happened before, according to That also makes this Palio unique.

We would like to give an overview of the 8 remaining participants. Who is favourite? Who are the outsiders? And who are the unknowns?


Drago: Tittia hid during the prove and never tried Zio Frac. Usually behind this strategy is a serious awareness of own resources.

Chiocciola: Zentile didn’t seem to really grow during the tests, especially between the ropes, but all the insiders talk about a horse with a great engine. If Gingillo manages to manage the horse in the best possible way, then Chiocciola certainly seems to be a protagonist this Palio.


Torre: Scompiglio and Viso d’Angelo are one of the top couples this race, although they hid well during the prove. The potential is great!


Pantera: It’s the Palio’s first possible surprise. During the prove, Turbine was always the first to leave, demonstrating his skills as a starter. Should it happen again tonight, the Pantera will certainly be a protagonist.

Bruco: Uragano Rosso is a powerful and very strong horse that needs to be managed and interpreted. If Stefano Piras manages to get off to a good start (because it’s still difficult between the ropes after 6 proves), he could well undermine the favourites.

Valdimontone: Vitzichesu has had good growth in the four days, with a great rest between the two ropes. Debutant Shardana’s great desire to show himself could make all the difference in a Palio without too many expectations.


Lupa: Istrice’s absence definitely changed Vallerozzi’s strategies. Now Bellocchio can only think of himself. We’ll see if he can seize the opportunity.

Leocorno: Pantaneto’s clutch did not impress in the four days and remained quite stable in the overall evaluations. Of course, the absence of a rival can carry an important weight.

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