Tartuca, Chiocciola and Giraffa drawn for the August Palio of 2023

Tartuca, Chiocciola and Giraffa. These are the three contrade that have just been drawn (Sunday July 9) for the Palio on August 16, 2023. Civetta was also drawn. This will see them serve their second suspension which will see them rejoin the Palio in 2024.

Tartuca, Chiocciola and Giraffa complete with Torre, Drago, Bruco, Pantera, Oca, Aquila and Istrice the ten contrade that will participate in the Palio in August.

We count no less than 3 rivalries on the Piazza: Oca-Torre, Aquila-Pantera and Chiocciola-Tartuca.

Tartuca’s captain drew himself, Drago drew Chiocciola, Lupa drew Civetta and finally Leocorno drew Giraffa.

It was the first estrazione of Mayor Nicoletta Fabio’s mandate, who took office on May 29 (the estrazione for July was the last of former mayor Luigi De Mossi).