Report Prove di Notte (27/6): Tale E Quale shows that he is ready

A lot of people in the stands, the Palio is coming and there is a lot of will to make it a feast as always. On the tufo the horses showed their potential, the captains observed and will take their assessments into the choices that will be made on June 29th.

The eyes of the audience present this morning mainly focused on Tale e Quale, present in the prima prova. Giosuè Carboni complied with what was asked and let the horse go at high speed for several laps. The responses have been good. In this first prova we also note the presence of Una per Tutti (with Sebastiano Murtas) and Abbasantesa (with Michel Putzu). They also have a good chance of getting to 10 on Thursday.

In the second prova we see Sebastiano Murtas on Anda and Bola, while Federico Fabbri tested Schietta. In the third prova Veranu, a possible debutant, was ridden by Federico Arri. In the fourth we saw Jonatan Bartoletti again who showed Zeuri to the audience in his own way. Antonio Francesco Mula was outstanding in the fifth prova with Balzana. In the latter, Trikke and Gabriele Puligheddu stood out.

After this morning’s prove, there seems to be a good chance that Tale e Quale would be in the lottery, to be the two toppers that everyone wants there, together with Violenta Da Clodia. Zio Frac and Viso d’Angelo will almost certainly be there as well. What will happen to Remorex is uncertain; opinions about the blond horse are still contradictory. But has it ever been different?

At the bottom of this article you can find images of the Prove Regolamentate ridden this morning. Tomorrow morning again 4 proofs will be ridden; with horses that will gain their first experience on the Piazza and will therefore (probably) not make it to the Tratta.

(numero, cavallo, fantino)

  1. TALE E QUALE – Giosuè Carboni
  2. UNA PER TUTTI – Sebastiano Murtas
  3. VITZICHESU – Alessio Giannetti
  4. ANI’ DE MARCHESANA – Elias Mannucci
  5. ZIRRA – Mattia Chiavassa
  6. URAGANO ROSSO – Valter Pusceddu
  7. ABBASANTESA – Michel Putzu
  8. TIEPOLO – Alessandro Cersosimo

(numero, cavallo, fantino)

  1. SCHIETTA – Federico Fabbri
  2. ANDA E BOLA – Sebastiano Murtas
  3. ARDAVLI – Marco Bitti
  4. COMPILATION AA – Federico Guglielmi
  5. ZAMINDE – Michel Putzu
  6. ANTINE DAY – Mattia Chiavassa
  7. BENITO BAIO AA – Andrea Sanna
  8. SYMPOSYUM – Massimo Columbu

(numero, cavallo, fantino)

  1. TESEO DA CLODIA – Niccolò Francesconi
  2. BRYAN DE MARCHESANA AA – Alessandro Cersosimo
  3. CHIOSA VINCE AA – Federico Fabbri
  4. VERANU – Federico Arri
  5. URIAN – Massimo Columbu
  6. ZENTILES – Gabriele Lai
  7. ZENIOS – Mattia Chiavassa

(numero, cavallo, fantino)

  1. ARES ELCE – Federico Guglielmi
  2. TAKATURSA – Antonio Francesco Mula
  3. ZEURI – Jonatan Bartoletti
  4. CAVEAU AA – Michel Putzu
  5. CORALLO SARDO AA – Alessio Bincoletto
  6. ZENIS – Gabriele Lai
  7. UNAMORE – Alessandro Cersosimo

(numero, cavallo, fantino)

  1. BOMBOLONE AA – Nicolò Farnetani
  2. CARONTES AA – Gabriele Lai
  3. VARINA – Niccolò Francesconi
  4. CHEREMULE AA – Andrea Sanna
  5. BALZANA – Antonio Francesco Mula
  6. UNGARO DE BONORVA – Alessio Bincoletto
  7. VENTO FRESCO – Alessio Giannetti

(numero, cavallo, fantino)

  1. BOMBOLO AA – Emiliano Rinaldi
  2. TRIKKE – Gabriele Puligheddu
  3. CRIPTHA AA – Elias Mannucci
  4. CIRCE DA CLODIA – Niccolò Francesconi
  5. COCA AA – Salvatore Nieddu
  6. VOLCAN DE BONORVA – Alessandro Cersosimo
  7. ZENIATA – Federico Fabbri