Istrice enthusiastic, 8 debutants

The horses have just been drawn. In a lot with only two experienced horses (Schietta and Una Per Tutti) we see no fewer than eight debutants. Only Istrice cheers, but among the debutants there are certainly unprecedented ‘bomboloni’ for the coming years…

The choice of fantini is just as important, but also just as exciting. We’ll know more tonight at the prima prova. Because the fantini always see things in horses that we don’t see!

1 1 Una Per Tutti Pantera
2 6 Vitzuchesu Valdimontone
3 9 Volpino Leocorno
4 13 Schietta Istrice
5 14 Vankook Civetta
6 21 Zentile Chiocciola
7 22 Uragano Rosso Bruco
8 25 Viso D’Angelo Torre
9 27 Zio Frac Drago
10 31 Reo Confesso Lupa