How is the starting order during the prove determined?

We are rapidly approaching the first day of the Quattro Giorni, the day of the tratta, the assegnazione and the first prova. In this article we would like to indicate how the contrade between the ropes will be called during the six proves.

Those of the first and second prova are fixed as soon as the estrazione has taken place. The 10 horses will be called in during the prima prova in the order in which they were drawn. That means that the first 7 are even known more than a year earlier. The seconda prova will be in reverse order of the prima.

The terza and quarta are also opposites. In the terza prova, the contrade are called in in the order in which the horses were allocated on day 1. The quarta prova is, as said, the reverse order of allocation.

Finally, we have the prova generale; here the horses are called in in the order of the number that was on their ear during the assegnazione. The provaccia is the reverse order of the prova generale.