Estrazione tonight

Tonight (Sunday May 21) at 7 pm, the draw will take place of the four Contrade who will participate in the Palio on July 2 with Aquila, Giraffa, Selva, Onda, Nicchio and Tartuca; this is the last estrazione with Luigi De Mossi as mayor.

The flags of the drawn contrade will be placed in the three-post windows of the first floor of the Palazzo Pubblico, together with the flags participating by right in the Palio.

Because of a disqualification, the flag of Oca will be hung from the window on the second floor before the estrazione in last place. The flag of Civetta will also be hung on the second floor if drawn. They will then serve a first day of suspension.

The estrazione can be followed via the live stream of Canale3, SienaTv and Gazzetta Di Siena.