Chiocciola wins Quarta Prova

A change of fantino was expected at Civetta this morning after the fall of Bighino last night. Sebastiano Murtas, detto Grandine should be driving Vankook. This morning, after the Veterinary Commission’s evaluation, Civetta’s horse was exempted from taking part in the prova after sliding out on the arena last night. So we drive in 9.

Mayor De Mossi said this morning that Vankook was exempted from participating in the prova as a precaution. He had decided to send the city’s vets to the stable. They found a moment of rest appropriate for the horse. Over the course of the afternoon, the town’s vets and Civetta’s own vets meet again to discuss further assessments.

The horses were called in in reverse order from last night: Chiocciola, Lupa, Pantera, Bruco, Drago, Istrice, Torre, Leocorno, (Civetta) and Valdimontone as rincorsa.

The mossa was faster than the last few days, although there was again some nervousness between the ropes. Bruco’s horse, Urugano Rosso, in particular, struggled to take his place. The moment Valdimontone came in, Bruco didn’t even start. Pantera, Istrice, Torre and Drago started the best. They soon ordered their horses to brake, after which Leocorno took over.

Andrea Coghe tried the first San Martino and the first Casato at a brisk pace, then left the lead to Chiocciola. Giuseppe Zedde and Zentile rode the third lap at a very fast canter and won the fourth lap.

Only two contrade, Chiocciola and Leocorno, completed the three laps.

1 Giuseppe Zedde detto Gingillo Chiocciola
2 Enrico Bruschelli detto Bellocchio Lupa
3 Elias Mannucci detto Turbine Pantera
4 Stefano Piras detto Scangeo Bruco
5 Giovanni Atzeni detto Tittia Drago
6 Carlo Sanna detto Brigante Istrice
7 Jonatan Bartoletti detto Scompiglio Torre
8 Andrea Coghe detto Tempesta Leocorno
R Antonio Mula Valdimontone