Chiocciola, Leocorno, Tartuca and Nicchio favorites after assegnazione

Yesterday, August 13 around 4.30 pm, the allocation of the horses for the August 16 palio was held in the Piazza. This was a few hours later than usual due to last night’s rainfall.

In a lot with two horses who have already won the Palio (Remorex with two wins and Zio Frac with one), five horses who have already competed at least one career (Solu Tue Due, Tabacco, Viso d’Angelo, Reo Confesso and Violenta da Clodia) and three newcomers (Astoriux, Arestetulesu and Ungaros, Chiocciola’s contradaioli cheer for Viso D’Angelo, Leocorno’s for Violenta da Clodia, Tartuca’s contradaioli for Remorex (who won for them on October 20, 2018) and those of Nicchio for Zio Frac.

1 1 Solu Tue Due Valdimontone
2 9 Astoriux Lupa
3 12 Tabacco Onda
4 13 Viso D’Angelo Chiocciola
5 14 Reo Confesso Selva
6 16 Zio Frac Nicchio
7 17 Arestetulesu Giraffa
8 18 Ungaros Civetta
9 20 Violenta da Clodia Leocorno
10 26 Remorex Tartuca