First Prove Regolamentate ridden, three riders fall

It was the falls of Bincoletto, Puligheddu and Betti that gave enthusiasm to the regulated tests involving 42 horses. Six proves, 42 horses, three falls: these were the figures of the Prove Regolamentate.

On a track with excellent tufo and with a Piazza del Campo surrounded by full stands, it was possible to observe excellent horses, allowing a wide choice to complete the lot of ten.

All eyes are also on the jockeys. The Prove Regolamentate are mainly there to put young fantini in the spotlight. They can display the work they have done in the winter. Also on horseback are some experienced jockeys such as Dino Pes, Enrico Bruschelli, Silvano Mulas and Jonatan Bartoletti. Scompiglio did not spare his Zeuri by putting on a show with a powerful ride. And then become the protagonist in catching a scosso.

In reality there were three falls. In the second prova Alessio Bincoletto of Corallo Sauro fell in San Martino, in the fourth Gabriele Puligheddu of Tornada who then rode a large number of speed laps, and in the fifth Rocco Betti of Fenomenale, both still in San Martino.

No problem for Bincoletto and Puligheddu, while Rocco Betti sought medical treatment in the chapel.