Chiocciola, Oca and Istrice drawn for the Palio of 16 agosto 2024

Last night at 7:00 PM in Siena, the draw was made to determine who would join Selva, Lupa, Valdimontone, Onda, Nicchio, Leocorno and Civetta for the upcoming Palio in August. Fate was kind to Chiocciola, Oca and Istrice.

So we see no fewer than 3 rivalries on the Piazza: Civetta-Leocorno, Istrice-Lupa and Nicchio-Valdimontone.

It was an atypical estrazione given that part of the tufo was still on the Piazza and part of the Palco delle Comparse was still standing; All this considering that the Palio was only held on Thursday with a 2-day delay.

Before the first clarion call, Onda entered the Piazza del Campo with Giovanni Gasparro’s drappellone. Then it was Bruco who traditionally had her last stop of the Giro (in honor of their patron saint) in the Piazza just before the draw.

Chiocciola was drawn by Bruco, Drago drew Oca and it was Lupa who drew rival Istrice.

The two Contradas who had to serve their disqualification were not drawn. Aquila will therefore serve her suspension in July 2025. Torre, on the other hand, will not appear on the Piazza in 2025 and will only be able to participate again in 2026.

At the end of the Contrade draw for the Palio on August 16, 2024, the meeting of the ten Contrade Captains who will participate in the Palio took place. They decided to make a decision soon regarding the mossiere for the next Palio. There is great dissatisfaction in Siena after the mossa that was seen as valid by Ambrosione in July. He also hit mea culpa.