Ricordi di Palio

In Siena and in the 17 contrade people are united by being part of something and the stories about the past. Memories. The life of every Sienese takes place in the contrada. On the one hand, memories ensure that you want to be part of it, but on the other, they ensure that these memories prepare the future.

Characters from the past, characters that balance between reality and myth, events that bring back memories of the values ​​that Siena and his 17 contrade hold dear. Values ​​that form the original culture of this extraordinary city and its people.

Events, testimonials and everyday stories are gathered to enhance the memory of Siena, the Contrade and the Palio and to loosen emotions and passion for the Contrada and the Palio. But it but also enhances the love and respect for the city of Siena in general .

Ricordi di Palio consists of a group of people who came together spontaneously, and who have decided to see each other in the most sympathetic and natural way that Sienese know: eat in Contrada and watch a movie about someone from the neighborhood.

They are united by passion and solidarity, which have been the common heritage of the Sienese for years, but which goes beyond their own Contrada.

They want to do a service to the culture of the Contrade, the Palio and Siena through their passion for it. Leaving a trail, doing something beautiful, perhaps extraordinary, together, in the spirit of sharing something that is ours, unique and important.

Key figure is Michele Fiorini, a collector who has been researching and collecting images and films of Siena, the Contrade and the Palio for many years. This passion has yielded an impressive archive of the history of Siena and the Palio. Many documents would have been lost without the care and repair of Michele; many documents would have remained unknown or would have been missing if he had not devoted his energy and time to searching archives and contacting TV channels around the world.

“Ricordi di Palio” brings together people who share the same feelings: people with the same heart for Siena and his Contrade.

In the films we see joy, an exciting memory for one, but at the same time a defeat for the other. Different neighborhoods but the same emotions. And always with Siena in the heart.

As we are part of the group behind Ricordi di Palio, and we are genuinely proud of it, we devote a full page to Ricordi di Palio. On this page we collect all the documentaries from Ricordi di Palio.

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Last update : 26 March 2021