Tonight’s participants screened

The Palio of July 2, 2024 will be held tonight at 7:30 PM. We would like to provide an overview of the 10 participants. Who’s favorite? Who are the outsiders? And who are the unknowns?


Oca with Tittia on Veranu seems to be the top favorite. He chose this horse over Tabacco, who has more experience. Veranu is not the fastest horse, but perhaps the most precise. It’s up to him to win again after his 5th consecutive win was interrupted in August last year.

Valdimontone with Scompiglio on Ungaros is also among the top favorites of this Palio. Ungaros is a horse with experience and Scompiglio chooses Montone, despite the presence of rival Nicchio. If he can break free from this and if he leaves as well as he did during the trials, then he may be the favorite.

Pantera with the increasingly convincing Bellocchio is the third favorite. Viso D’Angelo is a strong horse but always fell just short of winning. An excellent opportunity for Trecciolino’s son to follow in his father’s footsteps.


Onda with the experienced Tabacco and last year’s winner as rider (Brigante) is an outsider for the victory. We didn’t see much during the proof, but given the horse’s experience we put him among the outsiders.

According to the experts, Nicchio has a fast horse (Akida), but does it run well enough? When the scosso raced last night during the Prova Generale we saw so, but with fantino it is always different. The question remains whether Nicchio will ride a defensive Palio against Valdimontone or believe in his own abilities… It is up to Turbine to prove himself in any role.

Giraffa rides the Prove fairly anonymously. The young debutant Granito (21) gets a chance on a horse (Ardeglina) that experts consider stronger than you think. It’s up to him to prove himself.


Bruco also chooses a debutant, Tambani. He looks relaxed and above all happy with this opportunity. He has little to lose and a lot to gain from Brivido Sardo who seems very calm.

Leocorno was hidding during the trials. Much good was said in advance about the horse, Ares Elce. Can Grandine prove himself in an attacking role or does he look with more than one eye at rival Civetta?

Civetta chose Tamurè to take his chance on Criptha. We don’t actually know anything about this duo either. He tried the horse once but almost fell in the second Casato. Moreover, it is time for Tamurè to drive a convincing Palio.

Lupa is the last in line. The horse, Zenios, keeps coming into the Piazza nervously before every prova. It is also time for fantino Tempesta to live up to expectations.

Buon Palio!