Prove regolamentate with an eye to the future

Six batterie, 42 new or young horses taking turns on the track: with great certainty they will not run this Palio; they are the future of the Palio. There was also quite a bit of interest from the public. Due to the absence of Rocco Betti, who after yesterday’s fall with a swollen knee but without a fracture, we saw some shifts in the announced fantini.

A few gallops are observed, but they mainly try to pay attention to getting the horses used to the environment.

Two horses with unusual and even moving stories on the track. Dada, the foal given to Sandra Rossi for her 60th birthday, chosen by Andrea Mari. And Estrosa, Remo Carli’s last foal, adopted by friends and relatives.

For those with a less expert eye, the only sensation was Eros Orotellese in the last prova that threw Andrea Sanna off in San Martino. Without any consequences.

It should be noted that of the 85 horses that passed the preliminary visit, only 84 were running. Emirata was missing and was not even included in the pre-published compositions of the prove.