Palio 4 luglio 2024: Onda triumphs

The Contrada Capitana dell’Onda with Carlo Sanna, known as Brigante on Tabacco, won the Palio of July 2, 2024, dedicated to the Madonna of Provenzano, which was held on Thursday, July 4 at 7 p.m. after double postponement due to bad weather on Tuesday and Wednesday. They win the Drappellone, created by artist Giovanni Gasparro.

The starting order between the ropes commanded by mossiere Bartolo Ambrosione, who was on the verrocchio for his nineteenth time (second most ever): Pantera, Valdimontone, Nicchio, Giraffa, Civetta, Leocorno, Bruco, Oca, Onda and Lupa as rincorsa.

For Carlo Sanna (Brigante) it is his third victory out of 16 Palios ridden. For Tabacco it is the first.

The Palio featured many debutants, six among the horses and two among the fantini, as well as two pairs of rival Contrade: Civetta-Leocorno and Valdimontone-Nicchio.

Of the participating horses, only four had already participated in the Palio, and none of them won one: Tabacco (6 Palios), Viso d’Angelo (3 Palios), Ungaros (2 Palios), Veranu (1 Palio) (the statistics do not take into account the current Palio). There were six horses that made their debut on the tufo of the Piazza del Campo: Akida, Ardeglina, Ares Elce, Brivido Sardo, Criptha and Zenios.

Under the command of the mossiere Bartolo Ambrosione, he lets the contrade leave the ropes because of a problem with the headpiece of Leocorno’s horse.

The second alignment causes some positional problems between the ropes, especially the position of Onda who always stands very high to allow the entrance. Everyone outside again and a new attempt.

On the fourth attempt, Lupa enters with a somewhat uncertain run, which puts tension on the lower part of the rope. Invalid start! Pantera and Oca had a great start and in retrospect this start was certainly more “valid” than the one finally approved.

Fifth alignment, the horses are calm and orderly, Lupa is about to enter, but the horses force: the canapé is lowered and  invalidated again.

The Barbareschi are allowed to come for a moment to dry the horses’ sweat. A new attempt, the sixth, is quickly aborted due to disagreements between the fantini. At 7.25 pm a new alignment (the seventh) where we see the horses quite calmly between the ropes, even though the order is not respected.

This time Lupa immediately prepares to enter. The mossiere gives a valid start (even though it should certainly have been invalid because the rope is lowered while Lupa is still at least a meter away from the verrocchino). Oca starts well, followed by Leocorno, Onda and Bruco. The Pantera also got off to a good start, but was hampered by Nicchio.

Oca is the first to pass San Martino with Tittia, followed by Leocorno, Bruco, Montone and Pantera. Civetta’s fantino, Tamurè, falls. The four leaders continue in unchanged positions until they reach the first Casato: here Oca turns wider towards the stands, Onda turns lower and passes.

Behind Onda, Oca and Leocorno we see Valdimontone, Pantera and Bruco. In the second  San Martino Valdimontone falls. He also drags Pantera and Nicchio along. The race continues with Onda in the lead. Carlo Sanna checks on Tabacco, ahead of Oca and Leocorno and with Bruco at a distance.

Despite Tittia’s attempt to overtake on Veranu, it is the Onda who, with Carlo Sanna known as Brigante on Tabacco, wins the Palio of July 2, 2024, held on July 4.