Mattia Chiavassa and Gabriele Puligheddu are nicknamed

Last night at the cena della Prova Generale, the two fantini who are about to make their big debut were given a nickname. Bruco nicknamed his rider Mattia Chiavassa Tambani. Giraffa chose the nickname Granito for Gabriele Puligheddu.

It is the first time since 2 luglio 2010 that we see two debutants in the same Palio. Then it was Federico Ghiani detto Strappo and Antonio Siri detto Amsicora.

If we look at the ages we see that Chiavassa is already 33 years old. Puligheddu, on the other hand, is still young and has 21. It has been since Tremendo (Francesco Caria) in 2009 that such a young fantino made his debut.

We looked at the fantini that have debuted since 2000 and saw that 29 debuted. The average age is 25.5 years old. The two that debuted today are together close to this average.

The youngest debutant after 2000 is Giovanni Atzeni who was 18 years old. Dino Pes (Velluto) follows with 19. The oldest was Claudio Bandini detto Batticuore in 2004. He was 35 years old.

The last winning debutant is Scompiglio (Jonatan Bartoletti) in 2007 for Leocorno on Brento. However, the last winning debutant on a debuting horse was more than 40 years ago. Il Pesse won for Valdimontone at Cuana on July 2, 1982.